• Victoria Estévez

    Executive Producer and Production Lead at Calm

  • A motivated team leader, Victoria is eager to apply her skills in managing projects from initial ideation to final delivery.  As a seasoned executor, her experience spans media platforms from digital production to broadcast tv and everything in between.  She is an agile, creative problem solver with a pragmatic focus on concrete results.



    Some of the great places I have worked.


    Creative Production Lead

    May 2017 - Present


    Lead Producer in Airbnb's Creative Dept. focusing on content creation and storytelling in and off product.

    - Lead a team of 3-10 producers and partner with the creative director to deliver best in class creative work for Airbnb.

    - Manage productions for up to 4 business units and collaborate across functions, disciplines and departments.

    - Work with functional leads and c-suite executives to deliver projects with strategic purpose and creative excellence.


    Consulting Producer

    July 2016- May 2017


    Working with the brand studio team on all needs covering digital and broadcast projects. Campaigns included the 2016 Election and Company Blog & Website redesign/development.

    Cooke Wax Partnership

    Executive Producer 

    Nov 2013 – December 2015


    Integrated production ninja leading efforts to make great things for the brands and causes that are part of the Cooke Wax roster.

    - Overall project oversight including staffing, budgeting & timelines
    - Brand strategy & new business development
    - Experiential strategy
    - Office operations


    Senior Producer 

    Apr 2013 – Nov 2013


    Integrated Creative Producer who oversaw the Oreo and Diageo accounts.

    - Manage a team of 3 producers through a variety of productions.
    - Work with social and community teams to produce daily and weekly content for Oreo, and Diageo
    - Create budgets, schedules, interface with clients and internal teams to execute successful projects.
    - Help formulate staffing plans and project plans to maximize efficiency.

    Wieden + Kennedy

    Interactive Producer 

    Aug 2011 – Mar 2013


    Managed large scale integrated and digital projects from conception to budget/scope, to project development, and finally execution and analysis.

    Winner - Adweek Project Issac Award for Marketing Invention - Delta's Photon Shower

    Worked with: Delta, Southern Comfort and Heineken

    Past work with: ESPN NBA and ESPN X-Games

    Won - Yellow Pencil 2014 & Project Issac Award

    Participant Media

    Digital Content Producer (Digital Marketing) 

    Aug 2010 – May 2011


    - create and direct original iphone/ipad application development
    - Manage the day to day content for the website www.waitingforsuperman.com/action
    - conceive creative strategies for website implementation
    - create unique branded web videos for both Waiting For "Superman" and takepart.com
    - manage debate tool for the website
    - manage livestream events
    - Liaise with partners, manage relationships and manage small social media team

    Transmedia Hollywood Conference


    Mar 2010 – Mar 2011


    - Produced 2 live day-long conferences relating to Transmedia production and storytelling.
    - Record the event, supervise post-production and upload to web for streaming.
    - Manage all viral and grassroots marketing.

    Tupelo-Honey Raycom

    Associate Producer 

    Nov 2005 – Dec 2008


    - Worked on 3 different projects:
    - Mets Weekly for SNY
    - Kids Clubhouse for SNY
    - attblueroom.com/music
    - Field interviews
    - Research
    - Production coordination/ Liscening
    - Manage a staff
    - Post Production Supervision

    Major League Baseball Productions

    Production Assistant 

    Jun 2005 – Nov 2005


    PA on Sabor a Biesbol the weekly hispanic baseball program producer by MLB. Provide general support to the whole Sabor team, translate and find footage as needed.

  • Past Work

    Highlights from my work. 

    Doorbells around the world

    A legendary company only goes IPO once and I was able to produce the IPO film for Airbnb. A global spot shot remotely over 12 days during the COVID Pandemic, this project was a production miracle made thanks to an unbelievable production team in house and a great production partner. This spot aired on financial TV networks in the US and during the Nasdaq bell-ring livestream globally.


    The founders at Airbnb were adamant that hosts are what power our company and we were lucky enough to highlight a host in every timezone. This is one of the best projects I ever produced and I am so very proud of the results.

    Airbnb Plus, Host Stories Series

    After launching Airbnb Plus, I became the lead producer embedded within the Plus product team, developing content and marketing projects just for Plus. In 2018 & 2019 we created a series focused on the incredible hosts found in the Plus community and shined a light on their talent for hospitality and design.


    Using my documentary and television background along with the talent of my creative team we found incredible hosts, and told their stories in a variety of ways.

    What is Airbnb Plus?

    When Airbnb launched its newest product, Airbnb Plus, I produced the product launch video for the new service. Plus is a selection of the highest quality homes, with hosts who are known for great reviews and attention to detail.


    This was a production put together in 5 weeks with so many moving parts. Very proud of this work and you even get to see me in this one.


    2016 Election on Twitter

    During the 2016 election season voters, pundits, candidates and the world turned to Twitter for news. We at Twitter tried to ensure that the conversation kept happening on the platform in a safe and open way. I worked with the live studio team to produce debate teaser videos, debate wrap up videos and this longer form doc-style video created during the first debate from a variety of voices in the political space.



    Bose Superbowl, Fantracks

    Working with the great people at MAS: Music & Strategy, I was the Supervising Producer on the production side, managing the music team and the video team to make this amazing project came to life. In 5 weeks we had created over 20 videos and 24 original pieces of music. On the video side we worked with Bindery to pull off this great feat.


    We collaborated with a stellar team at 360i and really proved out that Bose is about great sound, no matter what genre of music.


    Click here to see/listen to some of the amazing videos.

    Delta Photon Shower

    Winner of the 2014 D&D Yellow Pencil for innovative use of technology this project proved that airlines can be committed to their passengers health. Jet lag is the one issue that plagues our most frequent of flyers. Using Oxford Neuroscientist Russell Foster’s groundbreaking research, we invented the first ever Photon Shower. A remedy for jet lag, the Photon Shower uses Foster’s research on a photoreceptor in the eye. When introduced to spectrum-specific light for a set time, the receptor resets the body’s internal clock. The Photon Shower is customized to each user based on the user’s distance, direction, and duration of travel. The result was a way to highlight and promote the many ways Delta is committed to bettering sleep.

    IMAX with Laser


    As part of its commitment to pushing boundaries, IMAX undertook the largest R&D investment in the company’s history to develop its next-generation projection and sound system – featuring groundbreaking laser technology. IMAX partnered with my former company the Cooke Wax Partnership to launch a brand new, people first campaign in 2015.

    We conceived and executed a people led, creative, print, out-of-home, video, and digital campaign centered around an all-encompassing wave on the moviegoer’s senses. The campaign educates the audience on the benefits of IMAX with Laser, positions it as the new gold standard in cinema going, and also provides a flexible system of materials for exhibitor partners to build awareness and messaging for their laser systems.


    I supervised all production end to end.


    Soco's Comfortable Weather Guy

    In 2013 I produced this integrated digital campaign for Southern Comfort. Introducing a new way to get your weather, see your favorite speedo wearing Southern Comfort drinking man, doing his thing in the rain, snow, wind and of course, the sun on comfortableweatherguy.com. He'll show you the weather across the globe or what's happening in your city. If it's snowing where you are, it's snowing on our guys- he's comfortable in any environment.



    University of California, Los Angeles

    MFA - Producer's Program 2008 - 2010



    Barnard College, Columbia University

    Bachelor of Arts - Major American Studies 2001 - 2005





    I know some stuff. Here's the highlights.

    Video Production

    • Creative Production from Script to shoot
    • Budgeting and Scoping
    • Scheduling 
    • Client Management throughout project lifecycle
    • Animation and VFX management and workflow planning
    • Hand-off to post


    Team Management

    • Collaborative project management through a range of projects. 
    • Basecamp
    • Trello
    • Teamwork
    • Google Apps
    • iCal

    Field Producing

    Comfortable interviewing subjects & gathering b-roll & coverage. Have interviewed celebrities as well as documentary subjects. 


    Comfortable directing a variety of live shoots. 

    Post Production

    • Live Action Post Production with a variety of work flows
    • Premiere 
    • Avid
    • Animation/CGI/Motion Capture

    Brand Strategy

    Deep brand strategy experience working on projects from research to strategic POV. The strategy then informs all phases of creative & production.



    Some people approve of me. 

    Tony Conte III

    Editor, "The Grace Helbig Show" at E! Networks

    Victoria is a very talented and motivated producer, and was a joy to work for the several times I have. She is a very reliable and easygoing go-to person that I hope to continue working with in the future.

    Adam Wohl

    Executive Creative Director

    Lifesaver. Glue. Mortar. These are the words that come to mind when I think about Victoria. But those do an injustice, because Victoria is so much more than a project manager or a producer. She’s been the de-facto office manager, handled accounts a la AE, handled a great deal of finance, but also played an integral role in creative concepting, running ideating sessions with the creative staff and proposing creative solutions that we’ve run with and sold through. I can’t remember what the agency was like before her. I don’t think I want to.

    Alan Kaye

    Health Care Reform Compliance * Risk Mitigation * Insurance Programs & Solutions for Individual & Commercial Clients

    I have utilized the professional services of Victoria on numerous occasions over the past five years. I am extremely impressed with Victoria's' technical knowledge and her ability to produce, direct and edit our various event video production needs. She always makes the whole video production process easy and seamless; from scripting through filming to final edited program, and her efforts always exceed my expectations. Victoria is a wonderfully creative professional and I absolutely enjoyed working with her.I highly recommend Victoria and her skilled team for any video production needs you might have."


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  • The Backstory

    Hailing from New York City, Victoria has worked on short films, documentaries, advertising projects, video games, TV shows and experiential. She's a creative problem solver focused on concrete results.

    She began working in sports television specifically Baseball with Major League Baseball Productions. She then moved on to work with a boutique production company called Tupelo Honey Productions. She finished her tenure there as a Coordinating Producer on various projects, from two weekly magazine style programs about the New York Mets to a weekly online music program sponsored by AT&T. For her work with the weekly program she earned two Regional Emmy Nominations in 2006 and 2008. She then decided to further her career by moving to LA and enrolling into the UCLA Producer's Program where she earned her MFA.

    She worked in LA with the wonderful studio Participant Media focused on creating content and managing the website and social campaign for the education documentary, Waiting For Superman. This experience fueled her passion for cause oriented work and it has driven her to find projects and companies that align their values with their output.


    It was after this great experience that New York called her back and she began her career in marketing, advertising and branded entertainment. There she got all her experience in advertising working at the legendary W+K and then joining Marty Cooke and Steve Wax at their own boutique strategy/creative agency and becoming an EP and partner there, after 3 great years working with CMOs, NGOs and other great clients we closed the shop and moved on to other work.


    She's now moved to San Francisco and has been a lead producer in the creative dept at Airbnb since 2017.